About Us


Why a Credit Union?

Our Motto is "You are Better With Us". 

Our Members are treated with dignity, respect and fairness because, after-all they are part-owners of the Credit Union.

Our products and interest rates are amongst the best on the Island and we keep you informed! We appreciate your business and want to hear from you!

We listen and understand each Member's needs and seek to provide them with access to a variety of Loans beneficial to them, which will also allow them the ability to acquire assets and build wealth.

Should a Member not qualify for a particular loan at such time, we will offer free Financial Planning Advice and Step-By-Step guidance on how to get there and reach your goals!

Unlike banks, all of our profits go back to our Members or are reinvested into offering Members a full range of flexible and competitive financial products and services. We have three conveniently located branches run by Members just like you and our staff believe in a fairer system of banking for their Country.

We pride ourselves on the ability to offer our Membership a beneficial Registered Retirement Savings Plan, Educational Investment Fund and our most affordable Healthy Living Group Insurance Plan.




During the 1970s the divisions of the Barbados Workers' Union (BWU) called for the establishment of a Credit Union as a symbol of the progress of hardworking Barbadians.  A number of resolutions were then taken at the Annual Conference calling for the society to be established, however, it was not until the 1980s that plans were put into place for the establishment of such an organisation.

The inaugural meeting of the BWU Co-operative Credit Union Limited was held on Thursday December 10, 1981 and was attended by sixty-eight (68) persons-A savings society was then launched on February 09, 1983.

The Credit Union was opened to receiving funds from Tuesday June 21, 1983 at the Barbados Workers' Union headquarters which was then located at the corner of Fairchild and Nelson Streets. The BWU Co-operative Credit Union Limited was registered as a Credit Union, on July 8, 1983-number 62 in Barbados.

The first general meeting was held on Saturday July 23, 1983 at Unity House on Roebuck Street, when the first Board of Directors and other Elected Committees were established.

Over the years this society has grown to over 24,000 strong and offers a wide range of products and services designed with the Member in mind-attractive products suitable from birth to retirement paired with some of the best interest rates available.  This BWU Co-operative Credit Union Limited continues to strive for excellence in the delivery of its services and the prosperity of every Member.



Our Mission Statement

To be the most efficient provider of Credit Union services and products which develop and sustain the socio-economic standards of all members, based on Co-operative principles.

Our Vision Statement

To be the leading provider of financial solutions for all of our members.



Our Values

WE CARE has been adopted as the acronym for the Credit Union values: every Credit Union staff member will live by, and demonstrate this, to the Membership.

W - Work Ethic
E - Efficiency

C - Communication
A - Accountability
R - Responsiveness
E - Effectiveness

The BWU Co-operative Credit Union Limited understands its members and the need to uplift and elevate every member of the society, regardless of social standing.  We vow to deliver superior customer service, to respect and treat every individual with value and purpose and to offer the highest standard of after care service in the Industry.

Everything we do is underpinned by our Core Values which are embedded in our Organisation and form the basis of our business planning, recruitment processes, training and leadership development.

Our employees proudly provide quality service to our members in a flexible, honest, fair and caring manner; continuously demonstrating our commitment to our members.

Let us know when we fall short of our commitment to you. info@bwuccu.com



Our Member Service Charter


Our Objectives

  • To improve the social and economic well being of our members.

  • To provide comprehensive financial services to our members.

  • To develop a stronger sales and services orientation.

  • To maintain and increase member loyalty.