Am I saving enough for retirement?

Current age:
Age at retirement:
Years of retirement:
Current annual income:
Portion income saved:
Expected increase in income:
Required retirement income:
Retirement Savings (to date):
Monthly Soc Security (below):
Rate of return before retirement:
Rate of return after retirement:
Inflation Rate (annual):
Savings at retirement:
Retirement income needed:
Age at end of retirement:
Savings at end of retirement:
Link to Social Security Calculators:
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NOTE: Do not rely on this calculator for your retirement planning. Please contact a financial advisor for more accurate planning. This calculator can account for Social Security income but considers only an individual. You can also adjust for Social Security using the "Required retirement income" field to consider other expenses such as medical insurance, etc. Your personal situation and actual outcome may vary. The best savings plan starts early.
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