Registered Retirement Savings


SMARTlife Plan

SMARTlife Plan is the Credit Union's Registered Retirement Savings Plan.

A registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) is a personal savings and investment account that has special advantages.


  • Anyone over 18 can start a fund.
  • It allows you to save regularly to accumulate a retirement fund.
  • It helps to provide an income for you after you retire.
  • It is your own personal pension fund.
  • Your savings are invested for you and earn regular interest during the life of the plan.
  • It allows your funds to grow fast and secure.

Simply visit our offices and present the following:

  • A completed SmartLife Application form
  • Your NIS Card and one form of valid photo identification (e.g. national identification card, passport or drivers licence).
  • A minimum opening deposit of $100 (If you are now applying for Credit Union membership at the same time the minimum requirements for membership will also apply).