People Helping People

We are passionate about member-owned banking, the financial wellbeing of our members and the development of our people as a nation. We employ people who are empowered to make quick decisions, we offer high quality member service, treat people as individuals and are proud of our involvement in the development of our youth.

The BWU Co-Operative Credit Union (BWUCCU) receives many solicitations for donations, volunteer support and community sponsorships. The following provides a guideline for how requests are considered. This assures that the Credit Union’s charitable, financial resources are used in a way that best serves the membership.

These guidelines will not cover every possible request, special need or opportunity; therefore, the BWU Co-Operative Credit Union may make exceptions in granting contributions or community sponsorships.

We will consider support for activities in the following categories which benefit our current or potential members.

  • Youth Sports
  • Arts & Cultural  activities
  • Education or related activities
  • Community activities (e.g. festivals & fairs)
  • Environmental
  • Health and related activities

The BWUCCU is dedicated to our members and our community. Unfortunately, we do not fund the following:

  • Groups that are not a registered charity or recognized as community not-for-profit.
  • Requests where our support would cover travel costs.
  • Telephone applications.
  • Groups that represent a conflict of interest for the principles of the BWU Co-Operative Credit Union or that promote specific programs or issues where members of the Credit Union and clients of its subsidiaries may have significantly divergent views.
  • Individual pursuits or interests that are primarily for personal gain.
  • Requests for funds to support operational costs or debt servicing (operational costs refer to fixed costs including but not limited to: rent, wages, and utilities.)
  • Individual competitions (including beauty pageants, scholar bowls, etc.)
  • Events to raise funds for scholarships

All sponsorship requests will be given serious consideration; however, not every request can be fulfilled.

Contribution Guidelines

  • Requests from BWUCCU members will be given priority over requests by non-members (Membership is open to both individuals, associations, and companies)
  • Submit your application at least 30 days prior to your event.
  • All requests for sponsorship must be made in writing to the Marketing Department
  • Cheques will not be made payable to individuals
  • Consideration for sponsorship will be based on fund availability
  • BWUCCU may make donations of money, property or services

BWUCCU will consider each sponsorship request on an individual basis using the above guidelines as the standard to which all inquiries are evaluated. The request response time depends on the size, impact and complexity of the request.

Preference will be given to requests that:

  • Are located within the Credit Union’s branch and market areas
  • Reflect the mission and core values of BWU Credit Union
  • Relevant to the majority of members
  • Fulfil a relevant need and benefit the community at large

Application Procedures

Drop off your completed application/proposal to the attention of the “Marketing Department” at any BWU Co-operative Credit Union office. Or mail the application to:

Marketing Department
BWU Co-operative Credit Union
Cnr Fairchild & Nelson Streets
Bridgetown, St.  Michael