Training & Education Opportunities

The BWU Co-operative Credit Union Limited provides training to its Members through the Barbados Co-operative & Credit Union League Limited.

The Barbados Co-operative & Credit Union League Ltd. is the trade association of the co-operative movement which supports the development of Co-operatives, advocates for an enabling environment, defends the interests of Co-operatives and contributes to building the profile of the movement in the eyes of the wider Barbadian community and beyond.

Strategic Objective 3 of The League speaks to offering relevant training solutions and Member Education Programmes. Hence, The League has re-confirmed that the main focus of its training programme is to provide Staff and Volunteers with access to Courses which will assist with the Institutional strengthening / development of Co-operatives.
Another element of the programme is to provide general Members of Co-operatives with access to information that will enhance their social and financial well-being